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Who We Are

Africa Grain and Seed (AGS) has developed the “FROM AFRICA TO THE WORLD” a corporate social impact investment initiative. UNESCO shows that 258 Million Children, Adolescents, and Youth Are Out of School as of September 2019 not to mention over 735 million people live in extreme poverty, on less than $1.25 a day. As Africa Grain and Seed, we acknowledge the challenges faced by our communities that impact education, food security, poverty, malnutrition, entrepreneurship focused at gender and youth inclusion. As part of our legacy, we have taken a lead in re-writing the lives of 10 million African marginalized rural people by 2030. 

Our pilot projects showcase how viable and scalable our platform is by organizing and developing localized smart Agri – Rural export development with the intent of trading in-country across the African continent and on the global markets and value chains through surplus production..

our vision by 2030

This is a vision for rural Africa by 2030. Over the past five years Goldstone & Co have extensively investigated how to achieve this Vision and researched the best turnaround strategies to develop rural communal land in Africa into thriving commercial hubs. One of Africa’s greatest potential resources is the agricultural industrialization of rural economies.

 Goldstone & Co, have observed firsthand that education, employment and food security are the key drivers for the development of African economies. Research has also shown that increasing the yield productivity of smallholder farmers across the continent will be the cornerstone of future economic growth and sustainable development.

After years sponsoring hundreds of rural learners in Zimbabwe, we have realized that this opportunity can be harnessed and lives can change by broadening the scope of programmes that sponsor access to education for young people, to inspire a shift in mindsets and enable rural commercial enterprise development

It’s a common fact that the population growth in Africa (and the world for that matter) is growing faster than economies can provide jobs. Africa also faces the very real threat of the further stunting of economic GDP through expensive food imports, a result of not commercializing smallholder subsistence farmers.

  • As Africa Grain and Seed we have taken a lead in the transformation of 10 million lives by 2030 . The purpose of the pilot is to prove how viable and scalable our platform is by organize African rural communities with surplus land but not adequate resources and access to the market to become producers.


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Achieving Vision 2030

In summary, we would ultimately be aiming to broaden the scope as a growth trajectory from agriculture to mining and eventually tourism. All these resources remain woefully untapped. Our approach is based on sound commercial principles and responsible business practices. In doing so we will unlock the untapped value in Africa’s agriculture sector and land, and a prosperous future for all.

Horizontal Integration Investment

 Historically, small scale farming and artisanal mining have been seen as binary income streams within rural communities. Part of the business model includes that profits generated from AGS agro-business programs are re-invested into other opportunistic revenue generating projects, one of them being the formalization of  artisanal mining to commercial mining using the same model. By  partnering with international mining houses by way of formal offtake agreements , the model allows this surplus cash as well as farmers disposable income, to be invested in formal community mining profits as proved successful already in countries like South Africa. Royal Bafokeng has done this with mining in South Africa. To fully potentialize  a community  mining  concerns in and around these communities we need equally to integrate with schools, communities, and other community organisations such as churches.

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