We Are United in Our Dedication to our communities

Who We Are

Africa Grain and Seed (AGS) has developed the “FROM AFRICA TO THE WORLD” a corporate social impact investment initiative. UNESCO shows that 258 Million Children, Adolescents, and Youth Are Out of School as of September 2019 not to mention over 735 million people live in extreme poverty, on less than $1.25 a day.

As Africa Grain and Seed, we acknowledge the challenges faced by our communities that impact education, food security, poverty, malnutrition, entrepreneurship focused at gender and youth inclusion. As part of our legacy, we have taken a lead in re-writing the lives of 10 million African marginalized rural people by 2030. .

Our pilot projects showcase how viable and scalable our platform is by organizing and developing localized smart Agri – Rural export development with the intent of trading in-country across the African continent and on the global markets and value chains through surplus production. As it is a common fact that the population growth in Africa (and the world for that matter) is growing faster than economies can provide jobs. Africa also faces the very real threat of the further stunting of economic GDP through expensive food imports, the result of not commercializing smallholder subsistence communities. The impact of the COVID19- pandemic cannot be ignored, and the world will need us to get up and make a change. As we see results of slowed economic growth, increased unemployment, and raise poverty and hunger. The global output is estimated to shrink by 5.2 percent in 2020, with a downside estimate of about 8 percent reduction should the lockdowns continue into the second half of the year. The global poverty headcount is estimated to increase by as much as 100 million people, assuming the income distribution does not change.

 Hunger will also increase, with the number of people facing acute food insecurity doubling to about 265 million by the end of 2020. Pursuant to that Africa grain and seed has answered the call to contribute to Climate- Smart agriculture value chain through empowerment programs targeted at rural economy development and hunger alleviation to marginalised communities. This entails the supply, provision, and monitoring of agricultural inputs. Africa Grain and Seed (AGS) is a multidisciplinary collaboration leading an inclusive socio-economic growth strategy piloted by resilient business partners. The turnaround strategy is piloted through COLLABORATION, INNOVATION, and AGRICULTURE it is a long-term, sustainable solution aimed at eradicating GENDER INEQUALITY, ILLITERACY, MALNUTRITION, and POVERTY. We integrate resources, programs, and research to transform rural communal land into economically vibrant commercial hubs to meet local and international demands

Our Approach

Member Services:

  1.     Research and development – our dedicated agri-experts provide data on seed and soil pairing rooted in an understating of soil and climate.
  2.      Mentorship and training – AGS through strategic partnerships has established an extensive network of professionals who are able to partner with smaller producers, assuring a learning by doing approach that saves time and implements while transferring the requisite skills.
  3.      Inspection – our world-class inspection centre safeguards and guarantees that precise weights and qualities are provided with each shipment of produce throughout our global network of partners
  4.      Testing – through our modern testing facilities with trade specialists, AGS is able to inform on relevant inputs and treatment that maintains a low carbon footprint remaining ecologically friendly without compromising quality.  
  5.      Certification – produce from AGS is certified to adhere by international standards through strict specifications and processes.
  6.      Verification – Our produce is checked to observe established global standards while correspondingly satisfying the local principles of operation.
  7.      Risk assessment – AGS members are able to access strategic advice on potential challenges and mitigation measures minimizing loss and maximizing profit without relegating quality
  8.      Trade/ market access – responding to the need of having the highest market value for produce, AGS members are given a ready platform to access market for sale and presale data.



Shift mindsets and develop a new generation of young, entrepreneurial rural commercial farmers and land-owners. We will do this through strategic partnerships, training and mentoring activities with local schools, communities and other organizations.
Maximize yield productivity of smallholder farmers through the use of
appropriate modern, sustainable farming tools and techniques.
These include climate-resilient seeds, the correct application of environmentally friendly fertilizers and pesticides and state-of-the art micro-farming practices.


Historically, small scale farming  has been seen as binary income streams within rural communities. Part of the business model includes that profits generated from AGS agro-business programs are re-invested into other opportunistic revenue generating projects, one of them being the formalization of artisanal mining to commercial mining using the same model. By partnering with international mining houses by way of formal offtake agreements , the model allows this surplus cash as well as farmers disposable income, to be invested in formal community mining profits as proved successful already in countries like South Africa. Royal Bafokeng has done this with mining in South Africa . To fully potentialize a community mining concerns in and around these communities we need equally to integrate with schools, communities, and other community
organizations such as churches


Our approach is based on sound commercial principles and responsible business practices. In doing so we will unlock the untapped value in Africa’s agriculture sector and land and a prosperous future for all.

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