We Support communities to Reach Their Full Potential

What We Do


To change Rural marginalised communities into self-sufficient economic
vibrant communities. Our mandate is to ensure that AGS members across
Africa have access to education, income, and food security. Eradicating
poverty and hunger by transforming vulnerable communities into self-sufficient
income-generating communities.


Empowering members to become entrepreneurs that can create and acquire sustainable wealth through food security that will enable them to build and develop their communities creating ` a positive impact on their generation. A.G.S subscribes to the core values of:
• Integrity
• Cooperation
• Commitment
• Innovation
• Execution

What we are about

Our Investment
• Education – ensuring that rural children have access Training and
Upskilling Programmes- increased the number of communities through the incubation programs and certification
• Increase Number of Quality Seed – is the first link in the food chain and is the key input to ensuring food security. Access to quality seed provides strategic options for easing the effects of food insecurity and facilitates food resource diversification and prevention of genetic erosion in rural agriculture. The success of this program hinges on the availability of high-quality certified seed.
• Increased Climate Change reach -reafforestation target to plant 100 000 trees per country over 10 years – Promoting reafforestation by initiating, developing, and supporting systematic fruit tree planting programs with a potential of 2000 trees generating 240 000usd per hectare
• Developing an economy– that will be to bank the unbanked with benefits for school fees, groceries, data, and everyday necessities. This
will extend to the trades across the continent and globally,• Carbon –offset Options- an opportunity to convert your carbon footprint into trees and renewable energy technologies such as solar powered systems, biogas production, water, and sanitation infrastructure, energy efficient cooking stoves, nutritional gardens in a bid to create a climate resilient community.
• Resource centres – donations of dignitary pads, books, toothbrushes
• Secure Trading platform – an app